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We give all our ❤️ and effort to bring you the very best CI observability tool in the market!
Burak Kantarcı
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The goal of a CI/CD pipeline is to allow developers to apply new software changes to a production environment quickly and safely in order to generate business value. Often, teams get stuck doing only continuous integration and disregard the delivery or deployment part.

Software teams aim to release as fast as possible but there are various reasons that hamper velocity. Slow builds, failing and flaky tests, and clogged CI pipelines end up with slow release cycles. As a result, productivity falters, costs increase, and end users are impacted badly.

Foresight provides visibility into CI workflows and test runs, enabling developers to quickly debug CI, build, and test failures and latencies. Foresight’s test gap analysis helps you analyze the impact of the code changes to detect defects early in the release cycle. It prioritizes tests according to their importance, flakiness, and failure rates allowing you to create a unique and reliable test order.

We launched Foresight's first version in Q2 2021. Our research showed us tests are one of the most common reasons why CI pipelines are slow. When developers see a failed test, the most common pattern is rerunning without investigating the issue. We focused on advanced test monitoring capabilities so that we can ease investigate why tests are failing.

Then, we saw that most of our users were GitHub Actions users. It was a guiding light for us. Because the more we dig into GitHub Actions, the more we saw problems to solve. We spoke to hundreds of GitHub Actions users and listened to the things they cannot solve. One of their biggest issues is not identifying the issues and enhancing organization-wide visibility on their workflows. Therefore, we introduced "Highlights". We learned so much with Highlights. It became a single source of truth when there is an issue with their CI pipelines.

With these learnings we gained, Foresight started to expand its potential. To become a pioneer product to deliver high-quality software at speed, we are going to introduce quality-enhancing features on September 28th.

Change Impact Analysis

Foresight correlates the changes to the codebase with the test coverage reports to determine how much of the changes are covered by the tests, empowering teams with clear quality risk metrics to facilitate the right change management process. Pull requests can be automatically approved or passed through reviews depending on the quality risk to ensure only high-quality builds are moved to production.


It is currently hurdling to see the critical metrics of CI workflows and even not possible to set up rules and alerts for them on GitHub Actions.

Foresight makes it possible to automatically notify your team on critical workflow and test metrics. And make sure your CI pipeline is always green. For example, when your workflow success drops down under 80%, you will be able to get a notification automatically.

We have prepared some of the most common rule templates for you and keep on expanding the feature depth in this vertical.


With the Slack and GitHub Actions PR comments, never miss a critical analysis. You will have the Foresight's summary report for tests, changes, and steps.


Foresight is 100% FREE for teams under 20 committers. This means Foresight is freely usable for most of the small and medium scale organizations.

Above 20 committers, each committer will be charged $9 per month.

Foresight will have flexible pricing that scales with your team. We will have a committer-based pricing model. A committer is a real developer who commits a code in the last 30 days into a repository watched by Foresight. We use GitHub's official API to fetch the committers. We omit bots from your committer list.

Celebrate Foresight 3.0 with us

We give all our ❤️ and effort to bring you the very best CI observability tool in the market! We are really proud of what we have achieved so far and very excited to bring you more! We made a very special launch on ProductHunt with the hope of being observability power up for your GitHub Actions workflows.

Flexible pricing that scales with your team, and free for open-source!

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