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With Foresight's PR view, you can see if the new code is tested enough and affects your test performance.
Ismail Egilmez
2 mins read

Keeping the contribution quality to any project is tough, especially for open-source projects. 

Executing continuous integration (CI) pipelines can be tough to manage from time to time. Keeping by a tooling that provides visibility into your CI pipelines from different points of view saves you time and effort.

Looking at a CI pipelines from the pull request (PR) perspective is what we offer today in Foresight. We aggregated the workflow, test, and test gap results of a pull request in a single dashboard.

Engineering leaders, DevOps, SRE, architects, developers across software teams ask some of the below questions to analyze and monitor their CI pipelines.

  • What is the most executed workflow in the particular pull request?
  • What is the avg. execution duration of each workflow in the particular pull request?
  • How is the performance of the latest run?
  • Which tests have blocked the pipeline the most?
  • What is the avg. execution duration of the most failed tests in the particular pull request?

To answer these needs in a single pane of glass, Foresight provides the ability to view your PRs in a holistic manner. It provides granular visibility into GitHub workflows, tests, and pull requests. See the below how it works video:

You may need to take a step back and have an overview of your PRs to make sure everything is on track. Looking at the success/failure status, duration, cost, and test gap; you can come to an initial decision to deep dive in a PR or not.

With Foresight’s PR view, you can make such analysis;

See the total workflow runs’ cost: 

You can have an estimated cost of your workflows runs for a specific PR. Foresight displays an estimated cost based on your workflow run metadata. Foresight’s cost informations sheds light on your way but you have to go to GitHub for the official cost information.

See the total workflow run duration:

You can understand some situations by looking at the duration information. Foresight provides you the ability to detect the time spent on your workflows while a PR is live. It sums up all the workflow run durations in a pull request and gives the total workflows run duration.

See the change impact analysis:

By easily seeing the percentage of test coverage of PRs, you can take more consistent decisions while revirewing those PRs. Foresight shows the test gaps in the latest workflow runs and helps you determine how much of the latest changes are covered and not covered by the existing tests.

PR monitoring for Open Source projects

Managing and contributing to open source projects require effort to keep it up and running. Foresight helps both from the maintainers’ and the contributors’ point of view.

With Foresight's PR view, you can see if the new code is tested enough and affects your test performance. You can quickly identify the changes that slow your time to merge. As a result, Foresight helps you to maintain your contributions safely and helps you keep your contributions clean for your open-source project.

You can learn more about Foresight’s PR view from the documentation. Create your free Foresight account and start monitoring your GitHub CI pipelines and tests. You can reach out to the Foresight team via its Discord community.

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