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How to Monitor CI Workflows Effectively

Foresight is a monitoring tool for CI workflows. You can monitor your latest workflow runs success status, duration, and completion time with Foresight.
Burak Kantarcı
2 mins read

As the number of managed repositories and workflows grows for solo developers or profound engineering teams, the need for monitoring the status or workflow runs increases. Almost none of the CI/CD providers do focus on visualizing your CI workflows on pretty looking beautiful UIs. You have to go around many tabs to understand the status of your builds, jobs, and workflow runs or just rely on guesswork.

Before creating Foresight, our engineering had the same exact difficulties in their daily lives.

It was challenging for us to keep all of our CI pipelines successful. Most of the time, we were having trouble detecting the failures among lots of PR's, commits, and merges.

We had to go back and forth to see which pipeline is erroneous and slow in order to have a view of performance. At a point of failure, it was really hard for us to detect which CI pipeline we should start to deep-dive, and how.

Foresight for CI Monitoring

As a solution, we developed Foresight and served it to the public. Foresight has a beautiful dashboard that lets you monitor & troubleshoot all of your CI workflows in a single place at the same time.

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It helps you troubleshoot your CI workflow runs by generating key performance metrics, such as which pipelines, build steps, or jobs are run; which ones fail; and how long they take to complete.

Foresight provides comprehensive visibility into your CI pipelines by generating condensed informative cards for the CI workflows of your repositories. It enables you to understand which repository’s workflows and tests are failing at a glance.

With Foresight, you can monitor all your workflows at once and you can decide which repository is the most erroneous and which one you should start to investigate first. By comparing the average execution time of a workflow and the latest workflow’s duration, you can detect any potential latencies in the first place.

Super Easy to Get Started

Installation is as easy as in plug&play mentality. Foresight does not require any manual configuration. All you have to do is pick which GitHub repositories you want to monitor and start watching them. You can find the documentation to help you get started.

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Identify bottlenecks in your CI workflows

Foresight makes it pretty easy to dive into individual pipelines for more granular details to unveil errors and latencies for individual builds and jobs. By providing the detailed performance screens for your workflow runs, it helps you to understand which workflows fail the most and which commit / PR or user caused the errors.

With Foresight, you can easily list and analyze your CI workflows in a repository. Foresight provides a high-level overview of performance across all your workflow runs. Monitoring workflow success rates and run durations, you can identify where to focus for troubleshooting and debugging for specific workflow runs.


If you are struggling to have an overview of your CI pipelines and can’t understand the root cause fastly when a failure occurs in any part of your workflows, then there is a solution for that. Foresight is a monitoring tool for CI workflows. It gives a birds-eye view of all your organization's workflow performance. You can monitor your latest workflow runs success status, duration, and completion time with Foresight. It provides insights into your failed and flaky tests and helps you trace tests of distributed architectures to find the root cause of failures or latencies. Foresight provides granular visibility into your CI workflows, builds, and test performances, which enables you to fill in the pre-production observability gap.

Visit Foresight to try it directly on GitHub Marketplace and start watching your CI workflows with auto installation. We are looking forward to your feedback including feature requests, new ideas, and more. Contact us through Twitter, our contact us page, or join our community discord for instant communication.

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