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Take Immediate Action with Foresight’s Slack Integration

With Foresight’s Slack integration, you’ll be able to see what’s happening in your CI pipeline at that very moment.
Ismail Egilmez
2 mins read

Application level information can sometimes be difficult to collect in real-time. Foresight provides visibility and insights into the health and performance of your tests and CI/CD pipelines. Assessing the risk of code changes, resolving bottlenecks, and reducing build times are pretty essential to delivering high-quality software at speed.

Sometimes, immediate action is required

Receiving information immediately might be desirable in some cases. There might be occasions where your CI workflow fails and you would want to know why at that moment to take immediate action. In those cases, it might be useful to use Foresight’s native Slack integration to canalize the desired notifications to the desired Slack channel (i.e. when a workflow fails or when a test fails).

Let’s say you’ve seen that one of your workflows errored at a run just like in the below image.

Workflows fail, all the time

You’d want to dive in and learn the root cause of that specific error. 

In this example, it’s clearly seen that there’s an error in the “run tests” step of the Job. It’s not enough to know that run tests step is erroneous. But which test or tests failed?

We can see that one specific test has failed. But wait, why? Let’s look deeper into it.

Okay, it’s now clear that the expected message does not match the received one. That’s why the test failed.

Now, we can fix the error easily.

Additionally, there are 2 lines of changed code that are not covered with tests in the last commit. Looks like we need to write some more tests or alter the existing one/s.

How to be aware of failures ASAP?

Right, this is the main topic of this article. Well, to answer this need, Foresight offers a built-in Slack integration. You can generate a WebHook URL and get notified when your workflows and test runs have finished.

With Foresight’s Slack integration, you’ll be able to see what’s happening at that very moment like below.

Check out how to set it up. It’s pretty handy. Foresight helps to identify and prevent production regressions early in the software development lifecycle.

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