Uncover critical changes that no test has covered

Change impact analysis

Analyze code change impact to detect defects early in the release cycle instead of in production

Why use Foresight?

It's difficult for code reviewers to know the impact of the PR in production. They want to know and focus on the parts of a code change that matter most to their users. Hence, it's difficult for code authors to ensure their testing strategy is in alignment with how their applications are actually used. Moreover, change management processes are mostly manual and daunting. Foresight fits well in change management solutions such as Jira Service Management and ServiceNow and accelerates them by automatically telling how risky it is to move on with missing coverages.

For Code Reviewers

Know which services are impacted by the code change

It becomes tough to follow which PR impacts which parts of the application, whether it is well covered by tests or not, and how risky it is to move on. Foresight helps to understand where the test gaps are and the impact of code changes.

For Engineering Leaders

Power up for your change management process

Foresight's automated code-change impact reports power up your change management process by allowing you to make a risk-based decision on which test gaps need to be closed before releases. Your change management processes accelerate with Foresight's risk report which tells how risky it is to move on with that missing coverage.

Old way
Foresight way
For Developers, QAs, and Testers

Know where you should write tests

Foresight provides code-level visibility at the PR level at every workflow run and makes it easy to write tests for the gaps. Foresight correlates the changes to the codebase with the test coverage reports to determine how much of the changes are covered by the tests.

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Foresight lets you assess the risk of code changes, resolve bottlenecks in CI pipelines, reduce build times, prioritize tests, and deliver high-quality software at speed.
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