Dashboard for GitHub Actions

Lack of visibility of CI pipelines paves the way for error-prone production applications!
Monitor and optimize your CI/CD pipelines with Foresight.
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The Challenge
Hard to deliver reliable, and robust software safely at a fast pace
Lacking of observability on Continuous Integration  pipelines
Not knowing which CI CD metrics to focus to troubleshoot problems in GitHub Actions.
Hard to optimize GitHub Actions workflow  performance
Foresight’s Solution
Actionable insights to optimize the GitHub CI workflow performance
Debug and resolve problems rapidly on clogged CI pipelines
Easily understand workflow costs, duration, success & failure rates to have healthy CI pipeline
Pinpoint error or latency root cause in the job and step level

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Foresight lets you assess the risk of code changes, resolve bottlenecks in CI pipelines, reduce build times, prioritize tests, and deliver high-quality software at speed.
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CI/CD Insights and Analytics

Vizualize CI Pipeline and test trends over time with Foresight's GitHub dashboard. Gain highlights on key CI metrics such as GitHub workflow & test success/failure rate, cost, and duration as well as test run history, logs, etc.

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Pinpoint root cause of errors promptly

Foresight provides actionable insights enabling developers to optimize workflow performance and resolve problems as they occur. You can easily pinpoint which workflow runs are the most erroneous ones and what causes them to fail.

Deep dive into CI steps

Identify your CI stages and jobs with the highest failure rates to know where you should focus on troubleshooting. Dive into individual workflow runs for more granular details, such as breakdowns of duration and failure rates for individual builds, jobs, and tests.

Workflow telemetry monitoring

Foresight enables developers to track and monitor the resource metrics of their GitHub Action workflow runs such as CPU Load, Memory usage, Network I/O, Disc I/O, and process traces. Use telemetry and process traces to find out where you should start optimizing.

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"Foresight gives you an overview of your workflows"

We have always kept our main (trunk) branch release-ready, but due to unstable and flaky test that is not always easy. GitHub Actions is an excellent tool for testing purposes, but it is not easy to get a quick glance at the overall healthiness of your tests. Foresight on the other hand gives you an overview of your workflows across all individual runs, and we believe this will be a valuable tool to help us keep our tests healthy.

Stian Thorgersen, Lead & co-founder@ Keycloak project, Red Hat

"I highly recommend it to the community."

We heavily use GitHub Actions for our CI/CD pipeline. We have many repos including several mono repositories. Foresight helped us to monitor all the workflows, runs and test results from one single place, to improve the pipeline by the alerts, and to save a lot of time. I highly recommend it to the community.

Lemi Orhan Ergin, Co-founder of Craftgate

"Foresight helped visualizing the hotspots and prioritize the tests that needs to be optimized first"

Testcontainers' own test suite is massive, because nothing is worse than an unstable testing tool. We always knew that there are opportunities to reduce its execution time by optimizing some of these tests, but Foresight helped visualizing the hotspots and prioritize the tests that needs to be optimized first. With this kick in the... err... build, we are ready to stop procrastinating and start optimizing!

Sergei Egorov, Co-founder of Testcontainers