Monitoring the Health and Performance of GitHub Actions Workflows and Tests

The Impact of CI and Test monitoring on GitHub Actions

About This Webinar

When building Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines for our software development process we tend to focus more on the CD part for monitoring the health and performance of the production. After some time, it becomes inevitable to closely monitor what happens in CI pipelines as well as software tests because of various reasons such as developer productivity, cost, and shipping speed.

In this webinar organized by Foresight, you will hear from Stian(Red Hat, Keycloak project lead and co-founder) and Lemi(Craftgate, Cofounder) about why they had a need for monitoring their GitHub Actions CI workflows and tests and which pain points Foresight address to help them optimize the health and performance of their CI pipelines.

Stian Thorgersen
Lead & co-founder @ Keycloak project, Red Hat
Lemi Orhan Ergin
Co-founder @Craftgate
Serkan Özal
Co-founder & CTO @Thundra
Pırıl Kavlak
Director of Marketing @Thundra
Burak Kantarcı
Director of Product @Thundra